Thursday, May 10, 2007


Will conservative Democrats vote with Republicans today on the House's version of the Iraq supplemental? It's a possibility - but it probably still means little. The Senate can't pass the House's two-month extension, so it even if it passes the House it's DOA in the Senate. Still, it would be a nice moral victory for the GOP to roll the majority.

Ace with a suggestion for the next Democratic debate. (Responding to this frightening item from John Edwards).

Mickey notes that David Brooks has picked up on a point I have made before: much as I love Ronald Reagan, we need to move past him.

Competing takes at the Spectator on Rudy's new stance on abortion. This one is closer to what I posted below. Welcome to Rudy, Mark II: jazz odyssey. Hope you enjoy the new direction.

Using the intel services to investigate climate change.

Jonathan Last on Spider Man 3 and George Lucas.

Is the Bush administration turning to September call-ups?

Democrats still learning how to run the House:

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