Friday, May 11, 2007


Bottled water drinkers are destroying the planet.

Giuliani's team is passing word that his makeover on abortion probably won't be quite as dramatic as it sounded in the New York Times. It is all as I have foreseen...

Does Romney use donations and giving as a political tool?

Hugh talks War on Terror with Angelina Jolie's dad.

Why do we mistrust immigration and trade?

Shock of shocks: the Dem Congress is no more popular than Bush.

Sperm donor sued
for child support.

DeMint and Sessions lay down immigration reform principles.

Get ready for another earmark fight in the Senate.

A fairly dense discussion on the House floor of earmark rules. The gist (which occurs around the 4:30 mark) is that the new earmark rules instituted by Democrats require that committee reports include a list that purports to be a list of all the earmarks in the bill. However, it does not need to be an actual list of all the earmarks.

Did someone say 'The Birds?'
famous movie scenes.

I really liked the Terminator, but I don't expect I'll want to see three more movies and a TV series.

Ace on Lileks.

Little-noticed: Rudy's donations to pro-family groups.

What has Rudy got against the ferrets?

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