Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Who's to blame for high gas prices?

Representative Chris Murphy says that Members of Congress cannot be expected to police one another. Then why did he vote with the Democratic leadership to block debate on a proposed independent ethics body?

Nick Lampson won't run for Senate. He's probably the only candidate with a prayer in both the Senate race and his own House race. The more likely outcome is that Republicans win both of those.

As always, Republicans are happier than Democrats.

Maguire and Crittenden with thoughts on the latest Plame revelation.

Romney and consistency.

The Anchoress offers tough words for Cindy Sheehan:

Madam, your gracious and courageous son - whose death is tragic and for whom your mourning is nothing less than appropriate - will only have died “for nothing” if his mission is left dangling and unfinished by the very people - and their minions - who exploited you, and who help to make the job of every soldier in Iraq more difficult...

The truth is, Mrs. Sheehan, President Bush is not the one trying to cheapen your son’s sacrifice. I certainly am not, either. Your son’s honorable death is being cheapened by the people who would say, “I support the troops, so I want them to be pulled out of a the place where they can make a difference, and have them stop acting like the warriors they are, so we can all sing Kumbaya and pretend to be friends with the whole world…

She's right, of course.

Google Maps now offers 'street views.' Yet another step in their ultimate plan to take over the world.

Jonathan Last notes the passing of Charles Nelson Reilly. I offer this clip from the X-Files:

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