Thursday, May 31, 2007


Cynthia McKinney is considering a run for President. If a demagoguing clown like Al Sharpton can run, why not McKinney?

Phil Klein has a good post on the political ramifications of an economic slowdown. There is a bright side for Republicans, though. A slow economy would make the enormous tax increases proposed by Democrats less salable.

Barone comments on the anticipated candidacy of Fred Thompson. He makes a good point: Thompson does not have the security/defense credentials of a Giuliani or McCain. He remarks that Thompson's demeanor and style might be of value in shoring up that weakness; he might also be helped by picking one of those men as his vice presidential nominee. How does Thompson-Giuliani grab you?

Rob Bluey
- who's covering the immigration debate exhaustively - notes the invite to what looks like a good debate: a steel-cage death match between the Wall Street Journal and National Review.

My governor -- Democrat Tim Kaine -- does the right thing, and suggests that the US wins from free trade.

Hillary gets busy undermining US foreign policy.

Novak says that Thompson's campaign will be different.

Daniel Drezner picks on Lou Dobbs.

Did you know that in Coney Island you can still shoot freaks?

Senators seek clarification from Valerie Plame.

Pinkerton on the GOP's win in 2008. The key: rejecting the President's position on immigration.

Sister Toldjah carries this first ad for Gore's 2008 campaign. He's... changed:

According to Peruvian news, a bunch of white points overflew the capital recently for more than a half hour, and were witnessed by many locals. The figures formed a variety of shapes before disappearing. How appropriate that I had an X-Files clip in this space yesterday:

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