Friday, June 01, 2007


Check out the photos of ManhattanHenge. (Hat Tip: Shawn Macomber)

Rich Galen writes that Democrats must realize that by virtue of being President, Bush remains in a strong position.

Jane Galt notes that contrary to the perceptions of some liberal commentators, the long-term prospects for Social Security are not getting any better. The system will go bankrupt around 2040. Far more importantly, revenues will begin flowing out of the Trust Fund around 2017.

Why is this more important? Because federal spending has long been boosted by the availability of surplus Social Security revenues. In about a decade, the flow of revenues will need to go the other way. Our income taxes will begin to supplement Social Security benefits. Before long, the US will be transferring hundreds of billions of dollars annually from general revenue to pay Social Security benefits. This will force us to address a very difficult political question: is that a wise policy?

Amusing Google street view sightings.

Mary Katharine Ham transcribes a solicitation call from the RNC. The result is not a happy one.

Is it war on the Bush Administration?

Nancy Pelosi stands firmly against cooperation with our European allies. Why? Because allowing people to purchase what they want to at market prices isn't fair, apparently.

Senator DeMint on the problems with amnesty.

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