Monday, June 04, 2007

The Fleeting Nature of the Forever Door

This is just a personal observation. The Forever Door is actually as fleeting as many other things in life. You may think you've got a door that'll be working superbly long after you're gone, only to find that it lasts only a few years.

Or put another way, it might last forever -- but if it doesn't, you're the one who has to pay for it.


Anonymous said...

So very true. I have had this wonder door for 6 years and in year one, one of the tension units tore my door frame apart. In year three the spring in the handle broke but I managed to get a replacement part at Home Depot for $0. In year 5 the second of the tensions units also tore my doorframe apart and in year 6 the spring in the latch again broke. This time I could not get Home Depot to give me the spring and when I called the emco people I found that although this is a vital part in the forever door it isn't supposed to last forver so it is excluded from the warranty and I would have to buy a $51 handle assembly because they apparently will not sell me the $.50 spring. I have had repeated problems with not only this emco door but products from its high end owner Anderson. Problems ecist in all manufactured goods but apparently Anderson and its subsidiaries choose to allienate their customers who pay good money for their product rather than provide good customer service.

Anonymous said...

The main problem seems to be that while they designed a forever door, they neglected to include a forever latch.

Anonymous said...

How about trying to get replacement parts? First they want a non existent serial number then they want a receipt for a door that is already in place. We needed to replace the screen. Easy you say? forget about it! The spleen that holds the forever door screen in, is unique to their design. The replacement spleen will run approximately $60.00!!! (that is a part that should only cost a few dollars) , and it has to be a special order! Normally fixing a screen is an easy job, this is an expensive ordeal. Never more will I buy a forever door.... the forever headache