Monday, June 04, 2007


Is Al Gore running? Who cares. He would not be an especially strong candidate in the general election, anyway.

Fred Barnes says there's a lot to like in the immigration bill.

Why did Berger give up his license so easily?

John Podhoretz is not a fan of 'Knocked Up.'

Bill O'Reilly opposes the immigration bill, because it seeks to upset the white, male, Christian power structure of the country. There are those who believe this would be a great reason to support it.

Bill Jefferson will be indicted.

Fred Thompson's campaign will depend heavily on internet organizing and fundraising. This is a welcome development, and one that's likely to push Giuliani, McCain, Romney and others to try to catch up.

Check out the latest culinary triumph from Brooklyn: deep fried pizza. Is there anything that can't be deep-fried?

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