Friday, June 08, 2007

Politico Interview with David Zucker

This is a little old, apparently, but I'm just coming to it now.

The Politico has an interesting interview with David Zucker -- one of the creative minds behind 'Airplane,' 'Top Secret,' 'Kentucky Fried Movie,' and other funny films. In the last few election cycles, Zucker has created several memorable commercials that poke fun at Democrats. Most memorable is this one featuring Madeline Albright:

Another good one is the 'Taxman' ad:

And here is one he apparently made on the ISG recommendations:

The Zucker interview is interesting for several items -- notably his kind words for High Hewitt, his description of himself as a JFK Democrat, and his observation that 'Republicans think Democrats are just wrong; but Democrats think Republicans are bad'

Politico doesn't seem to allow embedding, so here's the link.

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