Thursday, June 07, 2007


The very talented Jon Henke has joined the campaign of Fred Thompson, and will be returning to the QandO blog. Given the failure of the Republican candidates to take internet organizing seriously, I suspect that Jon and the Thompson campaign will seize the initiative. The question is whether the other candidates can follow.

The T-Rex did not move fast.

The Edwards campaign is not ready for prime time. (Hat Tip: Insty).

Barone has thoughts on the Republican numbers. They show Giuliani with a slight lead over Thompson, Romney and McCain. He does not assert -- but I will -- that Thompson's numbers are likely to improve once he actually, really announces.

See Fred on Hannity:

Novak writes about the significant problems with the Edwards campaign - even if he wins the nomination.

David All explains how the Thompson online team is far better than any of his GOP opponents.

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