Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Definition of Panic

Remember that old commercial 'never let them see you sweat?' Seems like the DNC never learned that lesson:

How seriously must you be taking the Thompson campaign if you're trying to knock him down a few pegs now? I don't think there's much reason for Thompson's pre-campaign to worry. Certainly a little staff shuffle is no big deal, and the lobbyist stories that have 'surfaced' seem to have done him more good than harm among primary voters; they've pitted him against the LATimes and other major media outlets. That's a benefit to a Republican candidate.

For the DNC to act as if he's in real trouble makes me think they're paying him too much attention. And to go after him with something this inane makes them look pretty silly.

If they're looking for someone who really needs help, they might want to send the life preserver to Capitol Hill.

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