Sunday, July 29, 2007

International Trade Creates Jobs in America

Once is an anecdote, two is a trend:

One of India's largest IT services firms, Wipro Ltd., is in the advance stages of finalizing a plan to build a software center in Atlanta that is expected to accommodate up to 1,000 employees over the next three years. It's the first of four centers planned for the U.S.

Although Bangalore, India-based Wipro has 6,000 employees in North America -- part of a workforce of more than 72,300 -- they are spread among some 90 locations and provide sales and support.

Atlanta was selected because of its labor force and proximity to technical schools, said Sridhar Ramasubbu, Wipro's chief financial officer for the Americas and Europe. The center will be used for application development and maintenance, infrastructure support, and some research and development. The center is expected to be operating in about three months.

The rest of the article explains how WiPro is also ramping up its operations in China, and how it is becoming too large to offer the nimbleness that formerly gave it an advantage over companies like IBM. It's just another case of a large foreign MultiNational Company behaving more and more like its American counterparts. That includes wanting to have a significant presence in the US market -- meaning more jobs here.

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