Monday, July 30, 2007

I Attend Ohio University, Second Life Campus

Is this a good development, or is the virtual world going just a little too far. When Ohio University brags about Second Life space for 'virtual trade shows and conferences,' it seems are getting just a little too ambitious.

In general, I'm very skeptical about an online world that purports to resemble the 'college experience.' As I recall, a central feature of college life was dating, and getting to spend quality time with members of the opposite sex. Until the virtual world can afford some way for men and women to 'interact,' I can't take it seriously.

Plus, do we really need to be flying X-Wing fighters inside a virtual world? I mean, is there no copyright protection in Second Life, or did George Lucas license it to a University?


Josephe Manigat said...

I suppose that fine institutions like Smith College, a womens only school, should simply close their doors given that the college experience is defined by dating and quality time with the opposite sex. I believe the value of the virtual world is to supplement education with creative aproaches to engaging students and adding flexibility to students without the ability to be co-located. I don't think anyone is proposing students throw aside traditional social time to spend all day in Second Life

...and when is the last time you saw an X-Wing fighter? That is not even close.

The Editor at IP said...

Not even close? Are you the attorney defending the lawsuit from Lucas Arts? From what I could see in the video, it's clearly a knockoff with a few changes.

Perhaps you were thinking of a Tie Fighter?