Saturday, September 15, 2007

From the 'Takes One to Know One' File...

Madeline Albright says that George Bush must think we're all idiots:

'I mean, I think he must think we're all idiots," she exclaimed to laughter and applause from the crowd of about 200 at a community center in West Des Moines. Albright cited Bush's optimistic predictions of safety in Al Anbar province, as well as overestimations of support among coalition nations, as signs of Bush's unrealistic perceptions of the foreign policy "mess" in Iraq.

This is Madeline Albright, under whose leadership at State Department we may have passed up the chance to take Osama bin Laden off the hands of Sudan (depending on whom you believe).

It's Madeline Albright, who negotiated the 'deal' with North Korea to keep them from developing nuclear weapons, only to find that they cheated:

Signs of cheating were abundant by 2000. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright flew to Pyongyang that October to put lipstick on the pig. She offered dictator Kim Jong Il a relaxation of economic sanctions if he'd limit North Korea's missile development. Kim took those carrots too, but kept building missiles.

It's Madeline Albright, who wondered why we did not invade China or Russia before they had nuclear weapons:

Albright is correct about one thing: During her tenure, the United States sent troops into Bosnia and bombed Serbia. Neither had nuclear weapons. But she’s wrong in attempting to compare our approach to North Korea with what we did to handle China or the Soviet Union.

Sure, we never invaded either nation, but we could have -- before they had nukes. Probably the biggest reason we didn’t is that they both were giant countries with huge armies. An invasion of either one would have cost tens of thousands of American lives and probably resulted in a quagmire. On the other hand, while North Korea boasts a large army, it’s a relatively tiny country, and our military could overwhelm it quickly.

Madeline Albright's resume is tarnished enough that she ought to be careful the way she tosses around the 'idiot' label.

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