Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is Larry Brown's Senate Campaign Over Before it Started

Soren Dayton notes that while Bob Kerrey may once have been a very popular and respected governor and Senator from Nebraska, he's been more of a Larry Brown clone lately:

It strikes me that there’s an important opportunity to define Kerrey early. On one level he is an outsider. An another level he is mercurial. He didn’t like the Governor’s office. So he went to Washington. He didn’t like the Senate, so he ran for President. He didn’t like Washington, so he went to New York. Now he doesn’t like New York, so he wants to go back to Washington. Only catch is that he’s going to have to domicile back in Nebraska for it little bit.

Do the people of Nebraska really want to support this guy’s wanderlust?

Plus there's the matter of his association with Norman Hsu. How closely is Kerrey tied to him? If Bruning and the GOP re-introduce Kerrey to the people of Nebraska as the itinerant friend of the guy at the center of the most far-reaching money scandal in recent memory, Kerrey will have lost before the race begins.

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