Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulations to John Murtha!

The most powerful porker in Congress!

Check the report from CNBC.

Yesterday in a conversation with several Members of Congress, I criticized House Republicans for failing to do more to reduce or eliminate the number of earmarks in legislation, and the total value of such earmarks. That criticism is valid, I think. But while I want Congress to 'run' when it comes to disclosing and debating earmarks, the Democrats are making it nearly impossible to walk.

And frankly, Democrats have in nine months in the majority already racked up an impressive number of stories about abuses of power -- from earmarks, to fundraising, to perks... It seems that it won't be difficult next year to use noteworthy Democrats like Speaker Pelosi and John Murtha to drive up turnout. Their names are quickly becoming as infamous on the Right as Newt and DeLay were on the Left. That ought to scare Democrats.

A little more for your viewing pleasure:

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