Friday, October 05, 2007

Doesn't Doctor Dean Know any Sick Kids?

Here's something funny. Go to ('the world's preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images'), and enter the search term 'sick kid' -- with no quotes. What photo do you see on the second row of the search results, third from the left. Is it this one?

Then head over to the Democratic Party site. Here's the front page -- in case it gets changed:

I thought the Democratic party had its hand firmly on the pulse of the neediest in our society? Kind-hearted Democratic activists have intimate knowledge of the health insurance challenges faced by the poor and near-poor in America.

Couldn't they get a real person for the picture on their website?

This isn't the first time the Democrats have showed a lack of familiarity with the inside of a doctor's office.

Major Hat Tip: Patrick Ruffini discovered this but didn't have time to write it up. Bookmarks his site and head over there often.

1 comment:

puck said...

do you know anything about design? as a designer, i use stock photography all the time... hospitals use it to depict sick people - often because it's kind of obnoxious to set up a photo shoot when someone's trying to recover from a real illness.

also, it was the design firm which selected the photo, not the policy-makers.

finally, are you trying to argue that democrats never get sick? i guess i should register democrat, then...