Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Draft Gore

A bunch of Californians have apparently gotten together to try to put Al Gore on the California presidential primary ballot.

While liberals often seem to be down on the United States, it's clear at least that these are 'American exceptionalists.' The slogan is 'Save America; Save the World' -- which almost reminds you of Lincoln's 'last, best hope' line.

Here's the site frontpage:

I said a while ago that if Hillary developed a strong lead and appeared inevitable, there would be more clamoring for a 'real liberal' like Al Gore to run. Looks like we are seeing that here.

The liberal site Raw Story says:

Capitalizing on a provision of the state election law which allows for any name to be placed on a ballot provided enough signatures in favor of that candidate are secured, volunteers will begin scrambling next week to get 26,500 registered Democrats -- 500 from each of California's 53 congressional districts -- to sign off on the former vice president before a Dec. 4 deadline.

If all goes well, Gore's name will appear on ballots throughout the state when California's presidential primary is held in February of next year.

It would certainly make the race more entertaining. Get to work, Californians!

By the way, like the theft from 'Heroes?'


Philo-Junius said...

The sick irony is that this could split Obama's share of the lunatic fringe and wind up throwing the California delegates to Hillary.

The nutroots would be jumping out of buildings.

Gore for President said...


National Milestone Reached in Growing Grassroots Movement

BOSTON, Massachusetts—September 21, 2007—They are teachers and students, scientists and doctors, secretaries and CEOs, store clerks and store owners, factory workers and artists. They represent every demographic group and every geographic region in the country. They are everyday Americans, from coast to coast and across the political spectrum—Democrats, Independents, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, moderates. And they have two things in common: They have become involved in the political process (many for the first time), and they want Al Gore to run in the 2008 presidential election.

And, as of September 2007, the grassroots effort of these thousands of individuals has reached a milestone: They have joined together as a nationwide coalition—America for Gore.

America for Gore encompasses all the major and minor groups within the movement whose goal is to persuade Al Gore to run for president. Among the groups in the coalition are,, Netroots for Gore,, AlGore08 MySpace, Draft Gore Facebook groups,,,,, and the Al Gore Support Center, as well as hundreds of Draft Gore meetups and groups nationwide. While the groups will continue to focus on their individual strategies, they will also be working together on important initiatives by sharing information, exchanging ideas, and mobilizing their members to help other groups within the coalition.

The America for Gore coalition is launching a new website——to establish a central location on the web for the coordination of this grassroots effort. America for Gore is not replacing existing websites, groups, and blogs. The individual websites of each organization will continue to exist as before, but the new coalition website will keep group members and the public informed and will act as a portal, directing Gore supporters to the member sites so they can become involved in the many different facets of the Draft Gore movement.

Members of the coalition cite Gore's unmatched political experience (eight years each in Congress, the Senate, and as Vice President), the fact that he won the popular vote in 2000, his early and outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq, and his commitment to solving the climate crisis as core strengths of a potential candidacy in 2008.

The formation of this coalition signals a significant increase in the sophistication of the Draft Gore movement as well as in the powers of coordination, recruitment, and influence of the movement.

By coordinating their activities, the groups hope to extend their reach, recruit more members, and increase their impact on the public's and the media's perception of Al Gore's strength as a candidate.