Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yankees Face Red Sox; Cubs vs. Rockies

Update: ALL thinking Republicans MUST root for a Yankees-Cubs World Series, just to see Hillary Clinton's brain explode as she tries to decide whether to back her home-town team, or the one she adopted for political opportunity.

ESPN has run the four Major League Baseball division series one thousand times each, concluding that the Yankees and Red Sox are heavy favorites to reach the American League championship series. Over in the 'senior circuit,' the Cubs are heavily favored over the Diamondbacks, while Rob Bluey's Cinderella Rockies are a slight favorite over the come-from-behind Phillies.

It's fun to see the results of the simulation, but I don't expect things to play out that way.

As a Yankee fan, it will surprise no one that I foresee Alex Rodriguez overcoming his previous September swoons and establishing himself as 'A True Yankee.' The Yankees will avenge their 1997 loss by topping the Indians in four games -- with Joba Chamberlin making several appearances and continuing his dominance. They'll beat the Red Sox in six, having proven their ability to knock around most of the Sox starters, and Josh Beckett can't pitch every game.

Over in the National League, I think it's a Philadelphia year. Phillies over Rockies in five, while the Cubs top the Diamondbacks in four. (How sad that former Yankee Randy Johnson won't get the chance to take the mound.) Then the Phillies will earn their first Series trip since 1993 by beating the Cubs in six.

The Series? Yankees over Phillies in five. And Jorge Posada is the Series MVP.

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