Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hooray for Private Sector Spaceflight

Bigelow Aerospace provides a video of earth rotating, as seen from the satellite Genesis I. Other videos are online here. Unfamiliar with Genesis I? Learn more here:

Genesis I

Launched on July 12, 2006, from the ISC Kosmotras Space and Missile Complex in the Orenburg region of Russia, Genesis I ushered in a new era of private space vehicles. The spacecraft was designed to enter space and expand to increase its volume. A one-third scale model of the eventual modules, Genesis I contained various items, photos, and a NASA experiment. Shortly after launch, Genesis I expanded successfully and sent back extensive data and images to the North Las Vegas, Nevada, Mission Control Center.

And if you want to see Genesis when it passes overhead - or if you want to see the International Space Station, or the Hubble Space Telescope, be sure to check out Heavens Above. It will tell you when one of those passes over your latitude and longitude, and where to look for it.

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