Tuesday, February 06, 2007

McCain & Giuliani: Who Has Better Enemies

Mickey picks up on a great point:

Winning the Nina Bernstein Primary: Here's one way to put the difference between John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani when it comes to getting the GOP nomination--McCain has the wrong friends (the press), while Giuliani has the "right enemies," as Amy Holmes just said on Anderson Cooper. She cites Al Sharpton as a good foe for a Republican primary candidate to have. I'd add the New York Times. Anyone who inspired such enmity from the Times, conservatives may conclude, can't be all that liberal. ... 11:05 P.M.

It's a point that Rich Lowry has made as well. It's one advantage Giuliani has right now.

Of course, McCain is in a good position to make the right enemies. He is a member of the Minority, which ought to put him opposite Hillary and Reid often enough, and his aggressive advocacy on Iraq ought to help as well.

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