Friday, February 09, 2007

Tony Snow: Vulcan Wanna-Be

Howard Mortman lifts this neat excerpt from yesterday's White House press briefing:

Q Just going back to the Pelosi story for a moment, just to clarify, is there no message coordination between you guys and the RNC?

MR. SNOW: There is from time to time, yes. But in this particular case, we’ve got a clear view.

Q Would it be correct to put it –

MR. SNOW: Would –

Q No, would it be — it just seems that you’re at such odds on this. Would it be correct to say that –

MR. SNOW: Well, why don’t you — why don’t you call the RNC and ask what the view is.

Q Oh, absolutely.

MR. SNOW: Okay.

Q But as the President’s spokesman, are you unhappy about this, disappointed that it’s come out this way?

MR. SNOW: I emote constantly about it, but I won’t share that. That’s private.

And to think that some people talk about running Tony for office! Don't they realize that in the post-Clinton era, you need to share your feelings?

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