Thursday, July 06, 2006

Curious Count in Mexico

(Updated and Bumped.)
Mexico's 300 district committees met beginning today to review the election tallies and send the numbers to the IFE in Mexico City. Curiously, with more than 81% of the results in, AMLO leads Calderon by 36.65% to 34.68%. The PAN's representative to the IFE has already stated that the results which came in first were states that were strong for AMLO, and that there's no difference between this count and the PREP count. So one would certainly expect that the last 19% will come in heavily for Calderon, to more or less match the preliminary count going in.

Still, it's odd.

Mark in Mexico is liveblogging the count, so be sure to check over there.

Update: As promised, AMLO's advantage is being reduced as the count goes on. Still, he leads by 1.6% with almost 87% of the vote counted.

Plus, I note that Reuters is now covering the count.

Update 2: AMLO's lead over Calderon lasted until 4:07 in the morning, when 97.7% of the votes were counted! As I write this, Calderon's advantage is .11 percent. There were still 3,000 precincts to be counted, but they were from Guanajuato, Sonora, Querétaro, Nuevo León, Sinaloa y Chihuahua - states that favored Calderon. Thus, Calderon once again appears to be the winner - by quite a small margin. AMLO and the PRD have continued to issue threats of 'peaceful marches' throughout the day, so we'll have to watch and see how peaceful they are.

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Wow... this will make such a good plot for "Desperado 4"!