Saturday, July 08, 2006

Giuliani Running for President

According to Novak.

CQ does a good job of outlining the problems of Giuliani winning the primary. Ed suggests that McCain would probably beat Giuliani in a primary. Of course, this assumes that primary voters want an 'electable' candidate, rather than someone they like and feel comfortable with (in which case George Allen is frequently mentioned as a frontrunner).

But I am starting to think that regardless of Giuliani's obvious problems on gay rights, gun control, and abortion, that he may be more likely to secure the Republican nomination than would be McCain - so much do so many rock-ribbed conservatives not care for McCain on free speech, immigration, and the 11th commandment.

I think that to primary voters, McCain feels like a loose-cannoned crusader. You never know what issue will become the most important to him at a given moment, and what actions he may take on it. He swings from being with conservatives on spending to against them on free speech; with them on abortion to against them on immigration. They will never really trust him.

Strangely enough, I suspect that most conservative Republicans will regard Giuliani as more of a 'straight talker.'

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