Monday, July 03, 2006

Lieberman Going Independent

This will set off all sorts of fireworks on the Left. And given Lieberman's weak performance in the primary race already, you have to figure that Lamont will beat him in the primary - unless he withdraws. I bet that will happen, as Dick Morris counseled a week ago.

Get ready for Kos and DFA to demand that Democratic officials state up-front their support for the party's nominee. I will be shocked if any prominent Democrats buck the trend. As Lieberman's home-state colleague, in a safe seat, Chris Dodd might. But then again, he may be running for President in 2008, and will be pressured to back the primary winner. Chuck Schumer made noise about backing Lieberman, but the criticism from Jimmy Dean made him quiet down real fast.

So the prediction for today: Lieberman pulls out of the Democratic primary, and we have a three-way race which Lieberman ultimately wins. I've said I wouldn't be surprised if he then caucuses as a Republican and notwithstanding the 'Independent Democrat' stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if he does.

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