Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lieberman's Going to Get Very Lonely

The Times covers the dilemma for Democratic leaders, but they're premature. The dilemma doesn't really come until/unless Lieberman loses the primary - which I fully expect to happen.

The reason is that for now, any Democrat can take the Schumer tack: "I back Joe Lieberman, and he's going to win the primary - so there's no need to talk about hypotheticals.

The problem is that Lieberman is likely to lose the primary. And for that reason, he may decide to withdraw, as Dick Morris has advised. It's this scenario that becomes difficult for Democrats. But I bet that just as Charlie Schumer was cowed by the threats of Jim Dean and Democracy for America, so will most of the rest of the Senate Democrats. We'll wind up hearing a lot of Democratic Senators saying 'I back the party nominee.'

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