Thursday, August 23, 2007

Al Gore Considering a Bid for President

Come on, you tell me you doubt E Online?

“Only if he’s absolutely certain the other candidates could not win.”

—A top Al Gore coworker, regarding the almost-prez’s thoughts on running for the top job in 2008

Still want the guy who coulda been a contender to be our prez? There’s hope. Even though many, many folks (including Gore himself) have eschewed the likelihood of Tipper’s main man participating in the spectacularly self-flagellating process of campaigning for the post of U.S. chief honcho, I’m told by high-up Gore campers this political surprise distinctly remains a very real possibility.

"He would do it,” continued the A.G. blabber, “but only, absolutely, if it looked like nobody else could take it.”

If this is accurate, then there's no way Gore can run -- since there's no way any reasonable person can conclude that neither Hillary nor Obama can win. Either would have a chance.

But could Al still get in? Well, he did win the Dem straw poll in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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