Thursday, August 23, 2007

History Channel Presents: Truther Apocalypse

Rick at Right Wing Nut House watched, and highly recommends, the History Channel special '9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction:'

There’s no other way to say it; the truthers got reamed.

They got reamed to the point that the truthers who produced the internet video Loose Change are scrambling to alter the third version of their conspiracy mongering tripe, even going so far as to drop any reference to the twin towers being blown up by the government (they continue to insist WTC #7 was brought down by explosives)...

The format was perfect. A truther would lay out a conspiracy theory which was then immediately debunked by 2 or 3 experts. Over two hours, a couple of dozen myths associated with 9/11 were laid to rest permanently including the “missile” that hit the Pentagon, the shoot down of Flight 93, the “implosion” of the towers,” and other theories not based on fact.

The implosion theory was debunked several times over. First, by the best forensic structural engineer in the country who, with the help of some excellent graphics and animation, showed exactly how the planes caused the towers to fall. An explosives expert (a young guy who was flabbergasted at the ignorance of the truthers regarding demolition) pointed out it would have taken weeks to rig the buildings for implosion and would have involved stripping drywall and ripping out walls. The nail in the coffin was supplied by one of the engineers who prepared the final report (working for the independent American Society of Civil Engineers) who showed how the collapse of the towers accounted for such things as the puffs of smoke seen in lower floors as the collapse was occurring as well as the speed of the collapse.

By the end of their presentation, I was on my feet cheering.

I'll need to watch it. It's on Saturday at 8:00pm, then again at midnight.

This appears to be an excerpt:

If you want a debunking that's less dry, more entertaining (and more vulgar), check out Penn & Teller:

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Anonymous said...

How a couple of journalists from popular mechanics can be considered "experts" against physics professors from the truth movement seems strange.
While it is pointless to debate detail on a blog such as this, it must be said that they did not explain how the entire plane that allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania disappeared with no visible wreckage , how the heat from diesel fuel could make WTC7 collapse, or where is the footage of the actual plane hitting the Pentagon has been hidden and why. There are other glaring ommisions, but the above are the main points.

If you look at the results from the highly regarded Zogby poll run in the U.S,
you will find that roughly half of Americans believe it was an inside job. That is just the U.S. In Europe, Canada and down here in Australia, the mark is closer to 70%.
Make no bones about it, the whole world fears the U.S now as much as the world did Hitler in the 1940's. And the actions of the U.S political elite will burden American's children and grandchildren with the same war guilt that the Germans carry now due to Hitlers actions.
My grandad fought as a U.S Marine in WWII and instilled in me a strong loathing of fascist militarism. How he would be turning in his grave to see the U.S become the very thing he fought against all those years ago.
Americans are by and large good people, and just wish to live their lives peacefully like every other person in this planet. They don't deserve the fate that is coming to them. God bless the American people. God curse the murderers that control them