Sunday, August 19, 2007

Japanese Invent Back to the Future Jacket

Remember when Marty traveled to the future and the Cubs had finally won the World Series? He had a coat that dried itself when it got wet? Looks like the Japanese are just about there:

SELF-COOLING clothes may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but for one Japanese company they are not only good business but a way to help the environment.

Shirts and jackets made by Kuchou-fuku - literally “air-conditioned clothes” - keep the wearer comfortable even in sweltering heat while using one-50th of the energy of a small air conditioner, said Hiroshi Ichigaya, the company's CEO.

“Until now, air-conditioning implied cooling the entire room. Now, we can cool just the body,” Mr Ichigaya said.

Two small fans sewn into the back of each garment and powered by a pocket-sized rechargeable battery pack circulate air across the wearer's skin, evaporating perspiration and keeping temperatures down - a welcome respite from Japan's mid-summer humidity and record-breaking heat in recent days.

Ten points for anyone who remembers who said this about the Japanese:

The strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras.

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