Monday, August 20, 2007

Islam: The World's Free-Market Religion

Katherine Mangu-Ward has the story over at Reason. Perhaps I have been to dismissive of the followers of Mohammed. Do you suppose the Quran addresses progressive taxation?

Before he was a prophet, Muhammad was a businessman. And it is perfectly in keeping with honoring him that a market is set up next to the Great Mosque. In fact, there’s always been a market next to the mosque; this one is just going to be bigger, and air conditioned. And more than the Christian heaven (which is primarily characterized by the intimate and intelligible presence of God), the paradise of Islam is the perfection of sensual pleasures. And what better way to give a foretaste of these divine gifts than a mall and a first-rate hotel? And what better place for it than the center of the holy city?
Yet more evidence that the Ferengi are based on them.

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