Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have You Heard About Fred Thompson...

There sure seems to be a spate of commenters in conservative blog threads worried about Fred Thompson's health and advising him to spend more time with his family. The posts are very similar -- close enough to suggest that it's either one person, or an organized campaign.

I first noticed it here, in a post I wrote over the weekend:

AP reports were correct coming out of Iowa and actually gave him the benefit of the doubt. He could only walk for 20 minutes and had to rest, ignored people calling his name, driven around in a golf cart, didn't eat, and looks terrible.

He has not been seen for over a week at a campaign event and some of you think this man can go through a grueling campaign with his new way of campaigning which is having someone write his papers and put it on the net as his?

Talk to the aides that quit and you will get an entirely different story.

This man needs to stay home with his wife and kids. You do remember Tsongas and if you don't, then you should look him up.

If you want a 'real' conservative to go Brownback or Hunter.

Take the blinders off. Fred is a nice man but he is also a very sick man that anyone can see from the pictures of the Fair.
Awfully sensitive, my commenter -- comparing Thompson to Tsongas (who died of cancer just a few years after campaigning for the Presidency. It seems like the same person showed up in the comment thread at Reformed Chicks Blabbing:
When are you going to wake up and face reality that Fred Thompson looks very old and very ill. What is wrong with some of you? This man should be home with his family. One campaign appearance in well over a week and then can only walk 20 minutes with Sen Grassley before having to rest, ignores people calling his name, and rides around in a golf cart not eating? That man is is ill and the sooner some of you realize it maybe he will decide to stay home with his young children and not be putting stress on himself.

Quit deluding yourselves as the man would have been in the race in the spring if he was completely well...

You do remember Paul Tsongas, don't you? Looks at Fred's arms and his neck/face and tell me that people are going to vote for someone that looks that unhealthy.

Go support Duncan Hunter or Sam Brownback because they are 'real' conservatives and don't pander to conservatives like Fred.
He's also over at Pajamas Media, with almost the same comment:
Have you not taken a good look at Fred Thompson. He looks very old and very ill. No one loses that much weight on purpose. He has trouble concentrating when it came out that Grassley had to direct him to people calling his name and after walking for 20 minutes had to rest. Then he rides in a golf cart.

There is something really wrong with a man with this little energy when he hasn't been out campaigning every day. He doesn't look up to campaigning every day and I want to know why people are encourging an obviosly sick man to run. He needs to be home with his family and if his wife is behind this it makes it even more bizarre...

If all of you care for Fred Thompson like you say you do, then you would not be encouraging him to run. This isn't about politics but about a man's health and he looks very unhealthy. It was the same way in NH when he got in a car to ride to his room at the hotel which was a 2-minute walk. The Fred of old would have walked and talked to everyone along the way. This Fred does not go into crowds or talk for very long.

Time some of you put Fred's health of your obvious selfish interest. BTW, he is not even that conservative which means you are seeing Fred the actor not Fred the person.
He... or she(?) seems to be over at Ankle Biting Pundits as well, where there's a similar comment listed under the name 'Samantha:'
Finally someone else is seeing how unhealthy he looks as he has lost so much weight. When you look at him as a whole, he looks really old and very ill. What is wrong with some of the people that cannot see what is before their eyes.

Some of you should be encouraging him to enjoy his family not run for office. A lot of people have him confused with the actor which is sad they cannot separate the two. If he was a Democrat, posters on here would be attacking him for running but since he is a Republican it is okay which is just flat out wrong...

If a candidate was healthy, they would never ride around in a golf cart and they wouldn’t ignore supporters that wanted to see them. Twenty minutes with Grassley and he had to go rest but supporters think he can run a general election campaign when the reason he is delaying getting in the race is obviously his health. He campaigns like one day a week.
I don't think you can reliably guess whether the attacks are coming from a rival GOP campaign, or from a Democrat trying to 'soften him up' for the general election. Either way, it seems pretty despicable to me.

Still, I suppose it is to be expected. As they say, politics ain't beanbag. And if Thompson wants to win the nomination, I suppose we will see more of these attacks.


kerrhome said...

Good research on this. Thanks for taking the time. I too have seen (shorter) comments posted about Thompson's "poor" health. There is just no evidence to back this up. There are real issues to discuss.

michele said...

Good work! I knew there was something up with that comment. It seemed slimy and underhanded. The makings of a good whisper campaign. I ignored it because I suspected it was a Brownback supporter trying to undermine my support of Thompson. It was a wasted effort.

Nice Deb said...

Sounds like a classic Moby.

I doubt it coming from one of the other Republican candidate's supporters. This is a tactic of the left. Once you've seen a few of these, they become easy to spot.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment on the Time-Swampland blog where people are discussing the delays in his announcing and I suggested that I think it may be because of uncertainty over his health. I do not work for a campaign, I'm not a sock puppet (though I'm anonymous here because I don't have a blogger ccount, I posted under Not the senator which I use regularly) and I'm not part of any whisper campaign. I just think that may be the reason he's hanging back and it was reinforced by his appearance at the Iowa State Fair.

It's not always a plot, sometimes it's just people commenting.

shelbysbest said...

Fred's health is fine. Fred's been in the road quite a bit more than people may realize. You would know that if you were a Thompson supporter. If Fred were truly ill, he would be out in front of camera telling us about it. I know that many of you would like for him to get out of the race, but it looks like he's jumping in the first week in September, and everyone will just have to get used to seeing a lot more of him.

Plutarch said...

(Non-)Candidates who seek to avoid comments about how feeble and haggard they appear, should avoid having photographs of themselves published in the NYT such as that linked below.


Perico said...

My theory is that it's coming from the infamous troll that has been identified over at draftfredthompson.com

andrefan2 said...

Folks, it's HOT in Iowa in the summer! I am barely older than Fred, and in good health, but if I had walked 20 minutes in that heat, I'd be happy to ride a while. And there were just a FEW people out there talking, yelling, and carrying on, so how could anyone pick out what was intended particularly for him? Fred is a great man, but still human. Unless you were there and did everything he did, and did it a lot better, cut out the silly criticism.

jft said...

It is frightening that there are those who can do nothing better than spread rumors, false information and who have no respect for themselves nor their own character--your rumors are 'hog wash' and totally unsubstantiated rumor--you are fools to play the sick game you play, time will prove you wrong!!

Fred, the strength for a brave Nation!

Anonymous said...

I think he looks awful. Perhaps it's because we are used to seeing him with good Hollywood makeup and lighting and not in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

I think if he let his hair grow in the back and sides, and wore steel-rimmed bifocals, he'd look just like Ben Franklin, who was very productive at a much older age than Fred.

Anonymous said...

personally, i am attracted to his man-boobs