Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That FEC Complaint Against Fred Thompson

Rob Port explains that with regard to complaints from Democrats that Fred Thompson is taking his time in testing the waters, no one seemed to mind Waffles waiting 9 months between the time that he declared for President, and the time that he officially filed paperwork ending the 'exploratory' effort and beginning the campaign:

I’m thinking this complaint has more to do with Thompson not choosing to get into the Presidential race as drastically early as all the other candidates have. The candidates this year have started their official campaigns terribly early, and by holding back Thompson has kept certain advantages over them...

Remember that during the 2004 campaign John Kerry, who went on to become the Democrats’ nominee, didn’t officially announce his candidacy until September 2nd, 2003, after announcing it in December 2002. That’s actually a longer exploratory timeline than Fred Thompson has run (he didn’t really get started until March), yet nobody on the left seems concerned about that tid-bit of information.


Winghunter said...

Just as Lame didn't report Foley because it was the right thing to do and he has no concern for losing any perceived credibility for doing so if he "discovers" a means to sabotage anyone outside of his insane political agenda.

Blackpenwriter said...

First, rock on winghunter, soothe my soul. Now for some common sense on this issue from the man himself click