Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bonds Ties Aaron

Barry Bonds hit his 755th career home run against the Padres last night:

Barry Bonds swung, took a half-dozen steps and clapped his hands. With no trace of a smile but a strong shot for all the doubters, he caught Hank Aaron and tied the career home run record Saturday night.

No. 755 was an opposite-field drive to left-center field, moving Bonds within one swing of having baseball's pinnacle of power all to himself.

Commissioner Bud Selig stood up and put his hands in his pockets while Bonds' family hugged and high-fived. When Bonds crossed the plate, he lifted his batboy son, Nikolai, and carried him several steps in an embrace.
You can watch the highlight from ESPN here:

Frankly, I don't understand why commissioner Selig would attend the game if he intended to conspicuously keep his hands in his pockets. If you regard the record as legitimate, you clap. If you don't, then you penalize him. But you don't go and then not acknowledge it.

I've posted this before, but I will again. I continue to salute Bonds for approaching 3rd place on the all-time list. And I hope that he receives an appropriate punishment for cheating.

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