Thursday, August 09, 2007

Democratic Donor Aims Racist Smear at Thompson (Fred)

Ed Morrissey has the story:

Who would post something like this as a smear on Fred Thompson? Someone a little too stupid to cover his tracks, possibly? A DNS search gives us an answer. The domain name, registered through GoDaddy (no great shock there), belongs to:

Henry Reynolds
500 California Ave. #5
Santa Monica, California 90403
United States

The phone number listed on the domain record, which I won't post here, goes to an answering machine for the "law offices of Henry Reynolds". I left a message asking for comment on this website, and then decided to take a look through OpenSecrets and the FEC to see if Mr. Reynolds has a history of supporting Fred Thompson, or even the KKK. Actually, it turns out that a Mr. Henry Reynolds in the same zip code working as an attorney has a small record of political donations -- but in another direction:

  • 4/6/2005 - $500,
  • 9/22/2004 - $500, DNC Services
  • 4/5/2004 - $250, John Kerry

How strange that a MoveOn donor would -- in just 2 years -- convert into a racist fan of Fred Thompson! Perhaps there's more to the dominance of white males at YearlyKos than meets the eye.

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