Saturday, August 11, 2007

Red on Red

Or in this case, is it blue on blue? Either way, I love to see the Left eat its own. This time it's on Alexander Cockbrun's plate:

The Democrats control the House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi could have stopped the bill in its tracks if she’d really wanted to. But she didn’t. The Democrats’ game is to go along with the White House agenda while stirring up dust storms to blind the base..

Uh-oh -- looks like Cockburn is on to something.

But he also tosses cold water on one of the favorite ideas of the extreme Left:

The left is as easily distracted, currently by the phantasm of impeachment. Why all this clamor to launch a proceeding surely destined to fail, aimed at a duo who will be out of the White House in sixteen months anyway?

Now is the winter of the Democrats' discontent. They've got power, and now people expect something of them...

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