Friday, August 10, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Announces Congressional Run (with videos)

Of course, she's far from the first walking, talking embarrassment to seek elective office. Here is a CNN story on her announcement, including an interview with Ms. Sheehan.

Here's a local story, including a video of her speech (a 'must-see,' if you take this even the least bit seriously). Between the two videos, here are some of the things you'll hear:

  • She's running because Ms. Pelosi 'has lost touch' with most of the people of the 8th district and America as a whole.
Of course, Speaker Pelosi's Congressional district is nothing like America as a whole. It is one of the most liberal areas in the country. It would be nearly impossible simultaneously to lose touch with both the 8th district and America.

  • Many of our young people join the military in order to receive 'college credit;' it's the reason her son joined.
I may need to review the benefits of military service. What do soldiers do that earns them college credit? Is marksmanship now a course at some universities?

On a more serious note, while Ms. Sheehan says that her son joined the military for 'college credit,' she does not address the question of why he renewed his enlistment. Perhaps the answer is in her statement that he 'always did what he believed in.' That would put her late son in the company of thousands of brave men and women doing what they believe in now, in Iraq.

  • She is dedicating her run to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, who have been 'tragically harmed' by the Bush 'regime.' She's also dedicating it to her unborn children and grandchildren, who would live in peace and prosperity.
It's ironic that she dedicates this effort to some whom she wishes to live in peace and prosperity, and others whom she wishes could still live under murderous, genocidal, sadistic, repressive, rapacious dictatorships. If she truly thinks the people or Iraq and Afghanistan are worse off now than they were under Saddam and the Taliban then she is more out of touch with reality than we previously suspected. I only hope that Ms. Pelosi is forced to take Ms. Sheehan's challenge seriously, and explain why Saddam and the Taliban were bad. It would be good for Democrats to remember.

  • If elected, Sheehan promises to push for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.
This will be neat to watch. As CNN points out, she'll have 17 days to get it done. Perhaps if she's lucky, President Bush will declare martial law and rule as a dictator. That might give her the time she needs, as long as Bush doesn't execute all Members of Congress.

I'm surprised she doesn't mention that as a possibility; she probably believes it.

Note: The Associated Press covers the story here.

Update: Check out also Sister Toldjah, QandO, and Ed Morrissey.


ragingmom said...

Isn't kind of hard to think about her unborn children when she buried her uterus in Crawford?

R·E said...

> Of course, she's far from the first walking, talking embarrassment to seek elective office.

True. Somehow, Bush stole his way into the Presidency.

Also, Sheehan has a real issue with Pelosi -- as do I. Pelosi blocking impeachment is a violation of the Constitutional Checks & Balances.

If Pelosi is supposed to be my representative, and I want Impeachment to be ON the table, I think Pelosi should be removed from office.