Saturday, October 28, 2006

Campaign Notes

Signs will be displayed at polling places in Mark Foley's old district, telling voters that a vote for Foley is actually a vote for Joe Negron. It's still an uphill climb.

And CQ Politics reports on expenditures by the Democratic and Republican campaign committees in a range of House races. Both the DCCC and NRCC poured millions into Pennsylvania in the first half of October. In the Gerlach vs. Murphy race, the DCCC spent $2.6 million, and the NRCC spent $2 milliom. In Weldon v. Sestak, the Democrats spent $1.8 million, to the GOP's $1.7. The Democrats spent $1.6 million on behalf of Patrick Murphy, running against Mike Fitzpatrick, and the GOP spent $1.8 million for Fitzpatrick. The Democrats spent a lot on Ed Perlmutter in Colorado, as well as Baron Hill in Indiana. The GOP countered with spending on Clay Shaw and Joy Padgett.

Read CQ to learn what famous baseball team owner - widely known as a Republican - donated to the DCCC.

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