Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Minor Notes

What would happen if a Republican did this?

A test might be how much play this story gets. (Trivia Note: Hayworth is the IP-endorsed candidate for Arizona's next open statewide office).

Refusing to debate is usually a sign that you're comfortably ahead. Hooray!

Check out the Washington Post's Midterm Madness, and pick every one of the 468 House and Senate races up this year.

The President will reportedly sign the Secure Fence Act on Thursday.

According to the gay news site 365gay.com, the New Jersey Supreme Court is unlikely to issue its gay marriage ruling this week, and may not issue it until after the election:

NJ Gay Marriage Ruling Unlikely This Week
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff
October 24, 2006 - 11:00 am ET

(Newark, New Jersey) The New Jersey Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, widely expected to have been issued this week to coincide with the retirement of Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz, now appears unlikely.

Portiz turns 70 on Thursday. Her last day on the bench will be Wednesday and both supporters and opponents of gay marriage have said they believe the ruling would be issued before then. (story)

But the court Tuesday on its Web site said that no rulings are expected on Wednesday. That also makes it unlikely any decision will be issued this week.

Some legal analysts now suggest the court will not deliver a ruling before next month's election out of concerns it could influence, one way or another, the outcome. They point to the ruling on same-sex marriage handed down in Massachusetts which came more than a week after the 2004 election.

And did you know that China has natural gas?

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