Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Liberals Who Don't Know What's Good for Them

Looks like the New Jersey Supreme Court has given social conservatives something besides Mark Foley to think about as they head to the polling booth. I suspect that court-ordered recognition of same-sex unions will count for much more than one former Congressman. Social conservatives in red states like Montana, Virginia, and Tennessee have been reminded that values issue like marriage are still salient.

I am sure that Harold Ford, Jon Tester and Jim Webb oppose gay marriage. I don't think that will help any of them, although Tester was far enough ahead that he still may win. But I suspect Bob Corker and George Allen can go to the 'prevent defense.'

By the way - you have to love the audacity of the imperial judiciary. The Supreme Court gives the Legislature 6 months to address the issue.

Glenn is on it, and I suspect that once Mickey writes on it, it will be worth reading.

Recall too, that Dick Morris believes the social conservatives were already 'coming home' to the GOP.

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