Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ford, Corker, Racism and Lawbreakers

Harold Ford and the Democrats think a recent ad paid for by the RNC is racist. I've linked to the ad as explained by a Democrat who agrees.

First off, let's note that the ad accuses Ford of being a lying, immoral, anti-gun, terrorist-loving, tax raising liberal. And the best answer he can come up with is 'that's racist!' If that's his best defense, Bob Corker can start drafting his victory speech.

But besides that, it's pathetic that the Democratic party has reached the point where it would claim that it's racist to even suggest that a black person and a white person might have sex together. But as the ad I linked makes clear, Republicans are racist no matter what they do. It is racist to suggest that black women find Ford attractive; it is racist to suggest that white women do. There is no way to avoid the racism charge. It's another clear demonstration that today's Democratic party can't look past a person's skin color, and see everything through the prism of race.

Further, Ford wants Corker to break the law, and get the ad withdrawn. Worse, he assumes that Corker can and will do so:

Corker’s campaign called on the RNC to stop airing the commercial the day it aired, Oct. 20, saying it is “over the top, tacky and is not reflective of the kind of campaign we are running.” In addition, the Corker campaign released a memo it addressed to Tennessee television station managers Monday asking them to pull the ad.

Corker cannot directly address his complaint to the RNC, as candidates are not allowed to coordinate with the national parties on advertising paid for by independent expenditures — even to request that an ad be pulled from circulation.

But Democrats argue that Corker is simply playing the good cop and could have the commercial pulled if he chooses.

“Everyone knows that if Mr. Corker wanted these despicable and offensive ads taken off the air, all he has to do is ask the Washington Republican leadership to do so. But he has failed to do so,” Ford said in a statement.

By Ford's logic, the decision of the RNC to pull the ad would almost constitute prima facie evidence of illegal coordination between Corker and the RNC. Nevertheless, looks like the ad has been pulled.

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