Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Freedom is Just Another Word...

For Nothing Left to Lose

Well, what great news we got last night, huh? I mean, we conservatives. I read a number of folks saying it wouldn't be a bad thing if we lost control of the House for a couple of years, sharpened our agenda and our ideology, and then retook power and implemented a revitalized conservative vision. Well, now we have that chance AND MORE!

We're no longer encumbered by either the House OR the Senate! And in case two years isn't enough, the margin in the House makes it unlikely that we'll regain the Majority until 2010 at least - or maybe even until a Democratic President faces his '6-year itch!'

Isn't this wonderful! But wait, there's more!

If and when we retake the majority, we won't have to deal with guys like Rick Santorum, George Allen, Jim Talent, JD Hayworth, Richard Pombo, Chris Chocola, Gil Gutknecht, and John Hostettler. It's a good thing we cleared the deadweight.

Yes, we certainly are well-positioned now. We're like the Democrats after 1994. It only took them 12 years to get back to power. And they've taken advantage of their time in the wilderness to come up with a finely-tuned, detailed vision of where they want to take this country.

What a great day to be a conservative...

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