Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Losing the House...

Sure looks like the Democrats are headed for taking the seats they need to win the House. I don't know what the margin will be, but as I've noted before, I suspect the GOP will really come to rue the terrible mistakes they made in giving away some easy Republican seats. Tom DeLay and his team screwing up his replacement, Bob Ney staying in too long, Mark Foley, Don Sherwood choking his mistress, Curt Weldon's daughter taking money to lobby him..

That's 5 easy Republican wins that were given away to the Democrats. Am I missing any?

A disciplined majority would not have lost those.

Update: John Sweeney (if he does lose) having to deal with a 911 call for reported domestic violence...

Update II: Should I be glad that the House margin wound up being so great, that even if we had all 6 of these seats back, we probably still wouldn't be within 10?

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