Monday, March 26, 2007

A Failed Post

The other night while half-asleep, I had an inspired thought for a post about Al Gore. I forgot it, then remembered it, then googled like crazy to find the music (or video) that I needed. No dice.

So now you get this lame post instead.

Back in 1972, there was a terrible Saturday morning Yogi Bear cartoon 'movie' called 'Yogi's Ark Lark,' in which Yogi Bear and his Hanna Barbera cartoon friends traveled around the world in a flying version of Noah's Ark, in search of the perfect place. The theme song talked about their quest:

We're on our way to the perfect place
To the perfect place
The sky is blue
The grass is green
Water sparkles
Air is clean
Prettiest place you've ever seen
That's the perfect place

The theme song was set to this music. (It's the theme for the 'Yogi's Gang' series that followed the movie, and it talks about all the polluters they were going to fight).

I suppose this dumb movie was sort of the father of 'Captain Planet' and lame stuff like that.

Anyway, I was going to post the opening credits and song and dedicate it to Al Gore, and his quest for a paradise on earth, free of human interference.

Trust me, it was going to be REALLY funny. And it was going to make you think, too.

(Maybe I should try to do something with Fred Grandy and the Monster Squad instead...)

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