Monday, March 26, 2007

Jimmy's Got a Gun

Lots of attention to Jim Webb's staffer having gotten arrested for bringing his gun into the Capitol. Much less attention to the news that Jim Webb will apparently be opposing a date certain for an exit from Iraq.

I may be mistaken, but as far as I am aware, this is the first time that Webb has stated his position on such a proposal. Well - not the first time of course, but I believe it is the first time he's stated the position since the Senate Democratic leadership flip-flopped and made it their preferred solution - after having previously rejected it. As I've suggested, it'll be a help to Harry Reid if some in his caucus come out in opposition to a date certain proposal promptly, so he can finish the charade and move on to a clean Iraq bill.

By the way, here are some other recent statements from Democratic Senators in opposition to a date certain for withdrawal. It will be interesting to see if they stand their ground:

  • Senator Evan Bayh, in CQ Weekly on March 12th … of 2007: “I, for example, am not in support of circling a date on a calendar and saying, ‘no matter what, we're out on that date.’”
  • Senator Kent Conrad, in June of 2006: “I do not believe that it is a wise policy to set a specific date for a withdrawal from Iraq.”
  • Senator Ben Nelson, in February of 2007: "I've been advocating conditions for staying as opposed to dates for withdrawal or troop - mandated troop, troop - reductions or other programs of that kind." (Sen. Nelson, ABC News Now Special Report, 02/01/07)

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