Friday, March 30, 2007

Hagel, Bloomberg, McCain (?) Take Note

Unity08 has released the criteria by which it will select its fusion ticket for 2008:

Candidates seeking the Unity08 nomination must pick a running-mate before the balloting starts, and must be “serious about public service.” Tickets must be bipartisan, formed with at least one Republican and one Democrat, or with independents running as part of a unity team.

I wonder if Democratic and Republican partisans will consider becoming Unity08 delegates in order to game the nominating process. After all, if the GOP can sign up 50,000 Unity08 delegates nationwide, we might be able to ensure that their nominee is Dennis Kucinich, or Gary Hart, or Jesse Jackson - or some other outside-the-mainstream Democrat who'll siphon votes away from the Democratic ticket.

Update: I think I found out how Unity08 will keep partisans from signing up as delegates. I went to the delegate registration page and this is what I got:

Very clever: no delegates means no partisans.

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