Thursday, March 29, 2007

Noted With Approval

Although famously opposed to violence, Kermit the Frog is doing his part with US troops in Iraq:

Kermit parachutes to the ground from atop an Iraqi Border Police fort near the Syrian border.

To get through war you need good body armor, good training and good support. You also need a good laugh.

Enter Kermit the Frog.

Actually, that’s Corporal Kermit, of Company H, 121st Infantry, Georgia Army National Guard.

When did the Muppet get a rank? About the same time as Hotel Company’s Cpl. Patrick Heffernan.

Where Heffernan goes, Kermit goes. A digital photo album captures their travels: See Kermit peer through a rifle scope. See Kermit perched on the shoulder of Hotel Company’s Iraqi translator. See him in gunner turret of Heffernan’s Humvee. See him drift through air, parachute billowing against the blue Iraqi sky.

Heffernan e-mails the photos back to his wife, Andie, at home in Gwinnett County. She supports both corporals. When Cpl. Heffernan wanted his own personal Global Positioning System, she bought it. When he asked for a satellite phone he could take on missions, Andie cruised eBay until she found one for $900.

The same is true for Corporal Kermit’s battlefield needs.

Matter of fact, Kermit’s care packages are sometimes better stocked than Heffernan’s. Since arriving in Iraq last August, Kermit has received a .50 caliber rifle, combat knives, a helmet and canteen, all G.I. Joe accessories sized to fit his 12-inch frame. In his latest gift box from home was a parachute with harness. Coming next, a pinup calendar of Miss Piggy.

I have to say: give Kermit a gun and he is quite intimidating. And put him in front of an American flag, and how can you not be reminded of Patton:

Update: Philo nails it in the comments. I had forgotten that Bert is a tool of bin Laden. As leader of the muppets, Kermit had to go to Iraq to take him down. That's what makes him a great American.


Philo-Junius said...

It makes sense that Kermit, who was always the Padron of all the Muppets would be the one take action to reverse all the damage done by Evil Bert's rogue agent actions with bin Laden, as demonstrated by those photos published during the initial campaign in Afghanistan:

Sometimes a frog has to do what a frog has to do.

11B said...

Dude, Kermit was just a fobbit!

Philo-Junius said...

You can't blame Kermit for spending time in the Green Zone--it's not easy being in the Green Zone, you know.

pennjazz said...

***Coming next, a pinup calendar of Miss Piggy.***

They better watch out with that pin-up...

2 things in middle east you cannot flaunt...a "pin-up" and pork.