Friday, March 30, 2007


Live long enough and you'll see everything: Waxman Drops Inquiry.

Ace notes Rosie O'Donnell's admission that she believes it was impossible for World Trade Center building 7 to have collapsed without demolition. Interestingly, she also says that a government lied about the location of the British sailors in order to create an international incident - but she thinks it was the British government - which is apparently less trustworthy than Ahmadinejad. As a refresher course, check out the explanation that Ace references of what brought down building 7. The page immediately before addresses the question of whether fire can melt steel.

I can't believe I'm even addressing Rosie O'Donnell on this site...

Ouch! Fred Thompson is angling to be John McCain's running mate? I don't see that. Thompson would be better off angling to be Duncan Hunter's running mate. He's got about the same chance.

Why is there so much bad design?

Will Al Gore run for President on the Green Ticket and cost a Democrat the Presidency - like Ralph Nader did to... Al Gore?

Jane Galt asks: what's your permanent age? I would put mine somewhere around 30.

Will the President really veto the Iraq supplemental over pork alone? I'm skeptical - like Tom Bevan.

A poll shows that Americans oppose the 'slow-bleed' Iraq supplemental, and strongly support full funding for the Iraq effort.

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