Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Joke of the Day

A secret deadline for withdrawal from Iraq:

"My strong preference would be to have a classified plan and a classified timetable that should be shared with Congress," Pryor said yesterday. A public deadline would tip off the enemy, "who might just bide their time and wait for us to leave," he said. "Then you'd have chaos and mayhem and instability."

Pryor said a classified plan would be provided by the president, shepherded by Senate committees and ultimately shared with Congress and Iraqi leaders. He is confident that the plan would remain secret, because Congress is entrusted with secrets "all the time."

What if the president's withdrawal plan didn't include a deadline? Or what if it leaked, through leaders in Iraq, to insurgents?

All worth considering, Pryor said. But in the meantime, "at least you'd have a plan."

Sure, that'd work. Who among us can think of an instance where a secret known only to the Iraqi government, the Executive Branch, or the Congress ever leaked? Except for Valerie Plame, SWIFT financing, secret prisons, our intercepts of Osama bin Laden's phone conversations, our intelligence on WMD in Iraq, our overall intelligence budget, and 15 or 20 other things I can think of...

Great plan!

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Philo-Junius said...

Will a duck drop down from the ceiling with $50 for Al Qaeda if they can guess the secret withdrawal date?