Friday, April 13, 2007

Al Gore Will Be the Dem Nominee in '08

That's the prediction from John Feehery, a bright former Capitol Hill staffer:

I predict Al Gore will be the nominee for president for the Democratic Party.

Here is my reasoning: First, by the end of this year, it will become clear that Rudy Giuliani is the strongest candidate from the Republican side, panicking Democrats who know that neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton can beat Rudy. (In full disclosure, I am on Team Rudy, not officially, but emotionally.)

This is after a vicious summer, where Hillary and Barack savagely beat each other up with their campaign fortunes. The Clinton team is plenty tough, but don’t underestimate the Daley clan, who are strongly backing the junior senator from Illinois.

This fight will get ugly, and it will devastate both candidates.

For personal reasons, John Edwards drops out of the race or he would likely be the beneficiary of the Hillary-Obama war.

Hollywood, who once loved Hillary, has turned on her. And because they are so desperate to have one of their own (a film-maker, I mean) in the White House, they will turn on Obama as well, begging him to take the number-two spot.

Al Gore, Oscar-winner, champion of the environment, Southern Democrat, will allow himself to drafted, after a summer of saying no.

I can't say I agree. I think that Hillary, Obama, and Edwards represent more or less the best the Democratic party has to offer now. I don't see any reason to anticipate - as Feehery does - that Edwards will drop out. And I think that among the three, Democrats can find an acceptable candidate. And as long as the polls continue to show such troubles for Republicans generally, they'll be able to convince themselves that any of the three has a good chance against Giuliani - or whomever.

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Philo-Junius said...

Jacobitism always sounds better after dinner over a few glasses of whisky than it does at 5:00 a.m. the morning of the battle.

Bonnie Prince Albert will not ride again at the head of all the clans.