Monday, April 09, 2007


Fred Thompson joins the blogosphere. I may be going out on a limb, but I sure wouldn't run for President right after starting a new job.

Plus, how long can Thompson wait to get in?

Sadr redirects his troops to target the Americans.

By giving Al Qaeda what it wanted and pulling out of Iraq, Spain saved itself from future attacks by AQ, right? Perhaps not. According to 'the Croissant,' the 'Organization for the Liberation of Andalusia' may be preparing to attack Spanish interests in the Maghreb, in coordination with AQ. (Hat Tip: Counterterrorism Blog).

I'm not sure I believe this poll. Michael Barone says that a 52-40 majority of Europeans would support bombing Iran if it obtained nuclear weapons. This prompts questions, of course. What percentage would support attacking Iran to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons? And what percentage would support the use of ground troops, if needed? After all, a bombing from a relatively safe distance after the horse is out of the barn won't do anyone much good.

Rob Bluey looks at why Democrats enjoy such a significant advantage in online fundraising.

David Petraeus' letter to the Iraqi people.

A dose of cold water on global warming. It points up one of the primary reasons I am skeptical: global warming is always presented as having a long list of solely disastrous effects - as if no one, anywhere will have his or her life improved. That simply cannot be the case. I do not advocate climate change, but if you want me to trust your warnings, give me a balanced assessment.

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