Friday, April 13, 2007

That Was Fast

Earlier today Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti announced that he would not respond to the request of two state lawmakers for an advisory opinion on whether former Senator John Breaux is eligible to run for Governor of that state. Reading between the lines, you have to guess that Mr. Foti didn't want to tell Breaux that he was probably ineligible.

And in response, Mr. Breaux announced tonight that he will not be a candidate:

Democratic former U.S. Sen. John Breaux said Friday he will not be a candidate for governor this fall because he did not get a definitive legal opinion from the state attorney general clearing up his status as a citizen of the state.

In a lengthy statement issued through the state Democratic Party, Breaux said the failure to obtain "a clear declaration of my status as a citizen greatly inhibits my ability to conduct a campaign based on the issues instead of the law. I said I would be guided by the attorney general's opinion and, therefore, will not be a candidate."

Attorney General Charles Foti refused to issue an opinion, claiming the matter would ultimately go to court and should be resolved by a judge.

This really puts Louisiana Democrats behind the proverbial 8 ball. Breaux was their best candidate, and now they'll turn to weaker hopefuls. Furthermore, Bobby Jindal is cruising in polls and has raised millions for the race. At this point, he's looking like the clear favorite for the seat.

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